A nice day

The last few weeks have been pretty overcast, rainy, windy and cold, but today the sun was out and it was warmer than it has been. Cengiz and I decided to take advantage of it. Our day started early as I attended his classes, an RPM class (dripped sweat and turned red as a tomato) and yoga/pilates/tai chi class, and then we decided to go to Pierre Loti, a cafe famous for its view of the Golden Horn. First we ate some food in a restaurant nearby then sat outside at Pierre Loti and drank some tea.


Since I’ve been in Turkey, I’ve wanted to visit Miniaturk, a slightly cheesy “museum” that has miniatures of various monuments around Turkey. It was in the same vicinity so I batted my eyes and asked Cengiz if we could go and he gladly said yes. It was actually much better than I thought and really informative. At each monument you can scan your ticket (different languages are available) and some information is presented to you, not too much information, just enough. I’d say if you were in Istanbul for more than 5 days it’s worth an hour or two of your time to visit here.

I’m embarrassed and I can’t remember which mosque this is but it’s a good example of what the park/museum is like.

This was the place we tried to visit in Trabzon but it was snowing too much – the Sumela Monastery.

Ahhhhhh which one is real and which one is at Miniaturk???

Anyway, today was nice – to get out of my little triangle (I live, work, and go to the gym in the same neighborhood), especially on a nice day, and see new places!


One response to “A nice day

  • auni

    Hey Sally! Love the new blog. That’s weird about blogspot being blocked, but I look forward to reading your adventures here instead!

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