Sorry for not writing for a while but it’s because my family came!!! Not just one or two people, but 8! My mom, dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend, my uncle, aunt, and 2 cousins came out. It was everyone’s first time except for my mom, and I think everyone really enjoyed their time here. I was so happy to see everyone, because I hadn’t been home since August so I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, my grandmother’s birthday, and other grandmother’s memorial service. We all get along so well and it was great to be with everyone again. It was a pretty empty feeling when they left, but I’m happy they got to understand where I live, the places I see, and the people I spend time with. Here are some various pictures from the week they spent here, it might be spread out over a few posts, we’ll see!

Us in front of the Hagia Sofia

And the Blue Mosque

At the Spice Bazaar

Dinner the first night here, at a fun restaurant in Taksim called Gani Gani. You eat on the floor and have a section of the restaurant to yourself, and the food is good. Everyone was pretty tired though!

This is dinner the second night, at a Black Sea restaurant near their hotel in Sultanahmet. We ate all kinds of things, like fried anchovies, or koymak which you see in the picture above, which is flour, corn flour, butter, and cheese.

This is Cengiz’s brother, Yakup. I had to work on Sunday but I wanted my family to experience a Turkish brunch so I invited all 8 of them over to Yakup’s house. You can see a typical Turkish breakfast – tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, 2 cheeses, olives, different spreads (chocolate, tomato), and also eggs and “sausage” and of course tea! The guys who live there are all musicians and they had a little concert, which I’ll post a video of later.

After breakfast they went up a hill somewhere that had a good view. You can see one of the bridges in the background, that connects Europe to Asia.

That night I had an American food party where I invited ex-pat friends and curious Turks to sample the tons of delicious food my family lugged out for me. The main course was macaroni and cheese (Kraft with fake powdered cheese), followed with desserts such as Oreos, jellybeans and Reese’s. Starters included Goldfish, Fig Newtons, and Ranch dip.

Have you ever seen so much macaroni and cheese?

Mom, Me, and Sem                                                                         Anna and Liz, other teachers at Wall Street, with American goodies

I think this is enough for now! I’ll post more later, but I want to put some onto facebook now too!


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