Family!!! Part 2

I wanted to continue with some more pictures from my family’s trip out here.

On Monday Mom, Dad, Croxton, Ellie, Christian and John went on a walking tour, but no ordinary walking tour, but one based on food. From 9:30 to 3:30 they walked around the older part of the city, sampling some delicious food.I highly recommend doing a tour, having done one with my family a few days later. If interested, search Istanbul Eats.

Angelis, a very knowledgeable guide from Greece, teaches my family about pickled things.

Drinking some tea somewhere…maybe in a warehouse or caravansaray – an old inn traders used to stopover in while on their trade routes, especially on the Silk Road. I wasn’t able to go on this tour so I’m not entirely sure where they are, sorry!

Here is a picture of a caravansaray that they visited. I’d love to do a tour around Turkey visiting different caravansarays – anyone interested?

It’s not a food tour without some doner! This is special doner and it has vegetables wedged in the layers of meat.

While everyone was doing the tour, Heath, Veronica, and I visited some places along the Bosphorus.

We went to the neighborhood where I used to live, which had a great view.

Then we walked down to the hill to Bebek, probably the ritziest place to live in Istanbul, and ate a waffle, a famous thing to do there.

Then we went to Ortakoy, and this is a classic picture to take – a view of the classic vs. modern.

Another famous thing to do in Ortakoy is eat kumpir, a baked potato with cheese and butter mixed into it topped with many many things.

On my family’s last day, we did another walking tour, this time in the more modern part of the city. We started with a delicious breakfast:

There was menemen which is cooked onions, tomatoes, and peppers with eggs kind of scrambled into it. Of course, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, olives, tea, and kaymak and honey. Kaymak is clotted cream, and you spread it on bread topped with honey and it’s absolutely delicious.

This was breakfast number 2, where we had borek which is a pastry stuffed with different things, either ground beef, cheese, or plain. Also delicious!

We stopped at a place and ate pickled things – pickled tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots and more. It wasn’t my favorite but I was happy to try it.

I think this was Mom’s favorite place, where they fried hamsi, or anchovies. You can see the big pan in the back filled with hot oil. They dumped the fish into that fried them up.

Our final meal was just an assortment of things, and again, delicious!

This is just a summary of all of the wonderful things my family and I did. We really covered a lot of territory and everyone was a really good sport. I wish they were still here but the beautiful weather has passed and it’s another typical rainy, cold, and gray Istanbul day though. Thanks for reading and hopefully it won’t be too long before another post!


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