Spring activities

I hope everyone had  a happy Easter! I had a lovely one, minus an egg hunt and jelly bean trail to my Easter basket but it did have jellybeans, egg dying, and cupcakes! My friend Anna put together a lovely party on Sunday with delicious food and good company.

Simon, in the middle, doesn’t have a skin disease, he’s just decorated with some stickers.

The day before, Anna and I went to try out this restaurant she walks by everyday going to work. It was the cutest little place, with nice wooden floors, a table and tablecloth like you’d find in a living room, a little second floor with rickety steps going up to it, nice decorations and two very sweet and patient women who do all of the cooking and serving. The food was delicious and  homemade and it was very reasonable. If you come to visit me, we will certainly go there!

A couple of weeks ago my school had a social event outside of our school – karaoke! It was the typical karaoke party where people think they are funny and cute and giggle and dance around while trying to sing but they are too drunk/giggly/pretending to be embarrassed to follow the words (and at this place the words popping up didn’t sync with the music…fail). Anyway it was fine and I was glad I made an appearance and even more glad that I captured this great picture:

Simon and Banu are on the left singing a duet or something and Cengiz is on the right regretting not putting his dentures in. Poor Birol (second from the left) is probably wondering what the heck he’s doing with these people. You’ve seen Birol before, he’s Cengiz’s best best friend since they were kids who normally lives in Trabzon but was in Istanbul for some work. Banu (second from the left) is a long lost childhood friend who actually got a masters from Virginia Tech and was in Istanbul visiting.

Much better. Later we went to a different place and went dancing! Not my every day activity but fun every once and a while.

The next day Cengiz and I met up with Sem and we went to the neighborhood I used to live in and sat on a hill that has a great view. It’s nice to get out of the center of the city and breathe some different air and see some nature.

That’s it for now! I think the next post will have some recipes and pictures of some things I’ve been attempting to cook. I hope you are well and thanks for reading!


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