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Hello! Again, sorry for the lack of updates, nothing too eventful has been happening but I’ll share the few things I’ve been up to. A couple of weeks ago Cengiz and I went to the Fethipasa park or mansion, which is where he took my family when they were here. I was so happy to be there because it’s a huge park (for Istanbul standards) with great views of the Bosphorus and delicious French fries. It was fun to wander around the paths through the forest. I’m surrounded my cement and glass all day and night so it was very refreshing to go there, especially by scooter! I didn’t get many pictures because someone else there was taking pictures with his nice camera, I’m still waiting for them.

That’s Cengiz’s brother on the left, someone whose name I never learned, Bertal, and then Cengiz.

So much green!

I’m glad I went when I did because we went again 2 days ago and whatever the purple stuff that is growing (Mom? Perhaps you know) wasn’t there anymore. It was a beautiful setting to sit and drink tea.

Here’s a picture from when my family was here 2 months ago

My turn!

Earlier that day, Cengiz’s sister and her son came back from Trabzon and were en route to go back to France where they live. I had the pleasure of meeting them, and we had a nice stroll along the Marmara Sea followed by breakfast/lunch.

ONE more thing about Cengiz, sorry! On Sunday some beauty contestants for a Turkey beauty pageant were doing some training at the gym and Cengiz and Sem did a Body Balance (Tai Chi, yoga, and pilates) class for them, which I had the “pleasure” of watching. I couldn’t eat for a few hours afterwards and I cursed my shabby off-day outfit that I was wearing that day but those feelings quickly passed. They actually don’t look so pretty in the pictures but trust me…they were.


One response to “Fethipasa, family, models

  • shannon gordon

    The lovely purple vine is wisteria! What a beautiful spot – we had french fries and drank sahlep when we were there.

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