America!! and wedding

Cengiz and I are coming to America!! He had his visa interview this morning and he got it! I haven’t gotten the plane tickets yet, I’ll confirm my days off with work this evening, but expect us sometime in July! I’m so excited and so is he and I can’t wait for him to see where I come from and the people and places that are important to me.

The only eventful thing this week was a wedding. My roommates have a good friend Can who comes over often and he was so kind as so invite Cengiz and I to his wedding on Sunday evening. It was at a beautiful location and the weather held up so we could stay outside. There was just a short ceremony and then 5 courses (!) of food. No dancing, no alcohol, just sitting and talking with those at your table. Luckily I knew everyone at my table so it was an enjoyable evening and a good experience to see another kind of wedding. The girl Can married comes from a well-to-do family which was obvious just by the extravagance of the wedding, there were hundreds of guests, in a really historical and beautiful location, and like I said, a lot of food, and good quality food too.

This is the Hidiv Kasri, kind of like a small palace, and it’s surrounded by tons of forest and park which is open to the public. It’s located on the Asian side, in Beykoz. You see two chairs, that’s where the bride and groom sit and the ceremony is held.

Our table

Table decorations

I took a couple of videos, which I’m having problems uploading – I will try again later!



One response to “America!! and wedding

  • Yer Old Man

    Yay, Sally! Yay, Cengiz! We’re looking forward to seeing you both again, so get those tickets so we can start making plans! Blueberry pie! Cheese straws! Boat rides! Puddle stomping!

    And, hey! Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Love you lots,
    Yer Old Man

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