I hope you are hungry or in a cooking mood because today’s post has more food pictures! Last week I went with Cengiz to his brother’s house and his sister also came, who of course couldn’t come empty-handed. She made borek, meat wrapped up in rolled out dough (can also be cheese, or spinach, or potato), sarma – rolled grape leaves with a rice mixture inside (my favorite!), and a cake. Someone else at the house had made some beans. I guess they were kidney beans in a tomato sauce – quite excellent!

From left to right – Aylin (student/friend), Yakup (brother), and Nezahat (sister)

I felt like having a get-together so on Sunday a bunch of people came over. I was in a cooking mood so I cooked a bunch of summer dishes and of course, desserts.

First there’s the chicken salad I enjoy making, then a curry potato salad, then a potato salad with oil and lemon and red onion, a normal salad, then my usual pear and white cheese salad, then some pasta with zucchini, garlic, and carrot, and purslane with yogurt, garlic, and salt.

Purslane in yogurt sauce – really healthy and refreshing.

Tasty lettuce with pear and feta-like cheese and balsamic dressing.

The highlight for me was the dessert selection. The night before I had slightly melted some ice cream and in one batch I added crushed up Oreos (saved from when my family came out here), and in another batch some crushed up Reeses. I have to say, it was pretty darn good. I also made the lemon cake again, some brownies, and a peach cake. They all came out dryer then I would have liked but still edible. The photo isn’t so clear – sorry!

A few more people came after this picture was taken. Things were too busy to take more pictures! It was a good group and it’s always fun to bring great people together. I’m very lucky to know such nice people!

It can’t be a post without me putting a picture of Cengiz and I up, or boasting about him!


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