The title of this post is the result of two days. The first day was last Saturday, where there was a “sports party” OUTSIDE on a tennis court, from 11-7. Needless to say, I was pink by the end of it. I’m at the peeling stage now – fun! This sports party was the trainers of this Les Mills program Cengiz is a part of, showing a gym the new choreography. The “master trainers” were also in town from France, training the trainers here in Istanbul about the new choreography, and also giving some (ahem, Cengiz) a promotion. So it was a show/test. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. If I love two things, it’s sun and sports!

There was an “Angels and Devils” theme to this day, which was a funny touch. I look tall in this picture but I’m really not…These ladies really looked out for me today as I had no idea what was going on! Also, the lady to my side was best friends with my big boss when they were kids, and I helped reconnect them. Yes!

The RPM class was like being at a club – loud music, flashing lights, even strobe lights!

There was also this fun class involving those purple balls and elastic bands and some dancing. I stepped off to the side during the dancing part.

You’d think Cengiz is the foreign guy and the others are Turkish, but actually it’s Mr. Muscles 2nd from the left.

The show finished with Body Balance, a combination of yoga, pilates, and tai chi. A great way to finish the day and stretch out our tired bodies. My friend Sem is there on the left.

The other pink day was a few days ago, when a few of us met for breakfast at our friend Tara’s house. Anna and I met first, and we were wearing the exact same color – BRIGHT pink. Simon then joined us, unfortunately wearing black, then we met up with Tara who was also wearing the same color as Anna and I! Once we got to her apartment, Simon took one of Tara’s shirts to fit in. Then we decided to exaggerate it a bit.

4 more days to America!!


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