America Part 2

It seems like so long ago since I was in America! It’s amazing how quickly we get back into the routine, but it doesn’t mean I have forgotten it or lost the good memories I have from there. In the last post I had just finished our time in Virginia, before we set off on our road trip. Our first stop was to Baltimore, where I went to college.

The tire swing was still at my school. Unfortunately it was a really hot day so I didn’t feel like walking around much, but it was nice to see how things were looking there.

Down by the Inner Harbor. I think this is the last remaining intact ship from Pearl Harbor.

Like I said, it was a really hot day, and there was this little park area near the water which had this fountain that children could run through. They were having a blast. If I had extra clothes with me, I would have been there! But I was content to sit and watch and eat my frozen custard from Rita’s.

Sporting his new Baltimore shirt…and my purse. What a man.

I stayed with my friend Auni and her boyfriend Timmy in their sweet little house near Hampden. Auni never ceases to amaze me with her organization, creativity and kindness. It was great to see them and makes me a bit sad I only get to see all of these great people once a year.

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Cengiz. Auni and Timmy like to collect American paraphernalia, in an ironic way, but we decided to dress Cengiz up.

After our nice visit to Baltimore, we went to my brother’s apartment in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of DC. I hadn’t been to his new apartment or met the famous cat Jenny so it was great to go there.

I brought Jenny some cat food from Turkey, apparently she liked it!

We went into the city for a few hours but again, it was really really hot. And we didn’t see Barack Obama. What a disappointment!

The Washington Monument, of course.

We went to the National History Museum not only to check out the exhibits, but cool off, like the rest of everyone in Washington DC. We had a little bit of fun there…

Ok I have blabbered enough. I still haven’t finished – I’m sorry! I need to cover New York and Michigan, I’ll try to be more efficient in the next post!


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