I can’t believe I’m just finally finishing writing about my vacation to America – sorry to stretch it out for almost a month! Next post I’ll catch you up with things going on here (which isn’t much), but today is kind of an interesting day because I decided to fast, just to see how it is, understand what those around me are going through, and appreciate those things that are so every day to me. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little uncomfortable now but just 5 more hours to go – I’ll tell you about it in the next post!

I really don’t need to put up too many pictures of New York, we did the usual things. Cengiz really liked it there and I have to admit, it was really alive and there was a lot to do and look at, especially at Times Square. It’s a place I need to give more time and get to know more, more than just the standard tourist places.


Anyway, you get the idea. We went to New York by train from DC, and Cengiz had some long lost relatives/friends from his village near Trabzon that lived “in” New York (over 1 hour away and 26 dollar roundtrip ticket). I was pretty grouchy about going to visit them because a) there were people much important and closer to me than these random people he hardly knows b) I also wanted to go back and hang out with my brother and his girlfriend and his awesome cat. But, he had been so patient with everything I had done, I figured let him be happy, and he was. It was actually an interesting anthropological experience – the family was living like they were in Turkey – Turkish TV, newspapers, Turkish food brands, and their 2 year old kid only knows Turkish! Along with the old mother who came over from Turkey about 5 years ago.

You can see it’s all Turkish food but if you look carefully you can see some lasagne which was made for me.

The house we stayed in (I won’t bore you with the family tree) had some Turkish touches – the tables that fit under each other, the lace, and fake flowers.

After taking the train back to DC, we drove to Frostburg and then the next day up near Kalamazoo in Michigan, where we had a lovely dinner at the country club with some family.

And finally, Leland, Michigan!

S’mores – Cengiz ate 4!

It doesn’t look so far to run down to the water…

But trust me, it’s a long long way up.

It was a great trip. It was fun to introduce Cengiz to America, but also to see my family and friends and to eat good food and sleep in my bed and so on. I hope I can get home at Christmas time so I can be with my family for our traditions! Thanks for being patient while I slowly recount our adventures in America – next post, Turkey!


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