Iftars Part 2

Finally! I’ll finish up Ramadan with some more pictures of me sitting around and eating. Enjoy!

At my friend Sem’s sister’s house – Nermin (on the right), with their mother, and Cengiz and me.

Stuffed pepper, salad, beans, and eggplant goop.

I didn’t really know what this was and I can’t really describe it – maybe like rice in a liquid? Sounds weird but a good way to wash a big meal down!

A friend of my roommates invited us to her tiny little summer house in the outskirts of Istanbul. It was a nice retreat into nature and to not be surrounded by horns, cement, and people. We had a barbecue, you can see them grilling the eggplants in the background.

Now time for the chicken and later meatballs.

There were 18 people altogether – it was a lot of dishes!

Some delicious soup, yogurt goop, grilled tomato, grilled eggplant goop.

Another dinner I had was at Sem and her mother’s house. They have a very sweet balcony which was fun to sit on.

Before the hungry Cengiz came over, Sem and I snitched some ice cream and waffles. Huh? They make these waffle shaped things out of kind of cone/styrofoam material (pretty good actually), and we cut ice cream (kind of a popular thing out here, cutable ice cream) and put it on the waffles. Tasty!

Those are all the pictures of the iftar dinners – are you hungry??

One more thing I want to write about, the organic market that’s near me on Saturdays. My friends Anna and Sarah had been talking about it but it’s difficult for me to get to because I only have 1 day off a week, which rotates. I finally had a chance to get there, and I was really impressed by the quality and delicious taste of the produce. The week before I had eaten at Sarah’s house so I got to sample some of the things, and really, it tasted so much better than what I can find in the supermarket. I wish I could go everyweek!

You can eat breakfast there and I got some delicious soup with some delicious bread.

And I bought a few fruits and vegetables too…but I managed to use almost all of them – I didn’t waste any!

Next up, camping on Bozcaada!



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