Camping on Bozcaada

After Ramazan there is a holiday for about 5 days, which the Turks call the Seker (Sugar) Bayram. During this time you are supposed to go and visit relatives and you sit around and drink tea and eat a lot of desserts, and children are given money. Because so many people have off of work at this time, it’s a popular time to go on a vacation. Cengiz and I decided to go to Bozcaada for 3 nights, which is an island in the Aegean Sea, about an hour and a half from Canakkale and Troy. It’s famous for its beaches, clear water, and wine, and I had always heard good things so I was excited to finally have a chance to go. It is a nice island and the one town on the island is very sweet and has old Greek buildings. The problem was it seemed like everyone in Turkey was on this island so it was PACKED – no parking in the town, the beach was not peaceful, the restaurants overcrowded and understaffed – the bottom line is, I really liked the island but it was definitely the wrong time to visit!

While we were in America, Cengiz bought a tent so we decided this would be a good opportunity to try it out. It was my first time camping and it was fine, I would certainly do it again but not every vacation. We got a much bigger tent then anyone had every seen and everyone at the campsite was gawking at it. It had the option of being 2 rooms, and it had a little screened “porch”. It was so nice to be able to stand up inside of it so you could change easily.

It started nice and small. But just half an hour later is looked like this:

The campsite was really beautiful but they didn’t take very good care of it – lots of piles of junk, some dog poop, bathroom light burned out for 3 days (and only 2 toilets…it was kind of inconvenient), but I would go back because it was so nice and relaxed and peaceful.

I couldn’t hold my bladder anymore so I woke up and made the trek to the bathroom (ok it wasn’t that far but still!) but I was glad I did because I saw this beautiful sunrise.

You could also stay in a little bungalow which looked very cute. Isn’t it a nice place?

They also offered a really nice breakfast, under some lovely trees. On the far right is Gokhan, a friend of ours for about 10 months, then Cengiz, then Ismail, a co-worker/friend of Gokhan, then Cagla(r?), Gokhan’s beau, and Sarah, my friend who came with Cengiz and I and I was very glad to have her American companionship!

The beach was pretty nice – the water was beautiful but COLD! I know I’m a wuss but trust me, everyone thought so!

Gokhan and Ismail went to Bozcaada by motorcycle from Istanbul – it’s a long journey!

Gokhan showed us this place (he’d been here before) where we could watch the sunset, and no one else was there!

We bought grapes and some delicious “old/sharp” cheese and watched the sky become beautiful.

Sarah used the time to work on her place mats.

I love Cengiz’s kind of terrified face and my calm face.

Strong woman!!

On our last night and day some roommates and their friends came which was funny because we didn’t plan it together at all!

Anyway, it was an okay holiday. The location was great, but crowded in the town but at the campsite I felt stranded and stuck. Being with that many Turkish people was also pretty difficult, sometimes Sarah and I felt left out or our plan making system was different. I’m glad I went but I don’t want every vacation to be like that!


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