Trabzon wedding

It’s a cold rainy day in Istanbul, but tomorrow I’m going to Antalya which is in the south of Turkey, where it’s still warm and I can go swimming! It will be a girls’ trip, with 3 other friends. I’ll post about it in, oh, a month or so!

Now here’s the post about the wedding in Trabzon, where Yakup is from. It’s in the northeastern part of Turkey, about a twelve hour drive from Istanbul. This wedding took place two days after the other wedding.

We started the day with breakfast. They really know how to do breakfast in Trabzon. Take a look:

That’s the Black Sea in the background. Not very black, is it?

Someone’s plate is a little carb heavy…

Ok, now for the wedding pictures.

More fire-y entrances!

AND confetti!

More dancing around and snapping.

The horon.

Can’t.Look.At.The.Camera. My foot is the same as the two people next to me!! I must be doing it right.

More fire!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many men with mustaches in one place.

Family photo! Cengiz and Yakup’s parents are on the left and right of Yakup. Yakup and Cengiz are the youngest of 11 so their parents are on the older side.

This is Cagla, one of Cengiz’s cousins, who was kind of attached to me and was very useful in helping me dance and just know what to do at the wedding. Cengiz was busy running around, helping and talking to people, so Cagla was very helpful. She’s only 14! Kids these days.

The three brothers.

On the drive back to Istanbul, we ran out of gas! hahah! Fortunately we were in walking distance of a gas station.

Anyway, the weddings were a lot more fun than I was expecting, although a bit overwhelming, especially being in the apartment pre and post wedding in Trabzon, being surrounded by tons of family. It was a great experience and I feel so fortunate to have these chances to see and experience the Turkish culture. And I’m so lucky Cengiz and his family are so open and kind to me, even though we can hardly communicate!



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