A grand day out

First, I want to thank everyone for your concern about the earthquake – it was far far way from Istanbul but it’s still in Turkey and it’s a tragic thing. Van isn’t exactly a wealthy region and I’m sure buildings were not built with legal standards or with advanced methods – not that this is the good way to learn, but maybe now buildings will be rebuilt with more modern techniques. I’m ashamed at the government for not providing more supplies to help the survivors – we should be better prepared for such disasters. There are places to donate things so hopefully I can pass on a few coats and things like that. Anyway, thanks again for your concern but send your positive thoughts towards those out in the east!

I feel bad jumping from the deadly earthquake to a lovely scooter day Cengiz and I had a couple of weeks ago…My last day at work had been the day before, and this was the first time I had a Saturday AND Sunday free since I think Christmas last year…wow! Needless to say, I was pretty relaxed. We started out with an expensive (but delicious. Really, the quality was reflected in the price) breakfast by the Bosphorus (I had gotten my bonus) and I went all out.

That’s menemen on the left side – eggs, tomatoes, onions, peppers, all mixed up – tea of course, clotted cream and honey (food of the gods), and cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. Cengiz just got menemen, but he helped me.

Then we walked over to Rumeli Hisari, a castle back from 1452, to help conquer Constantinople.

If you are in Istanbul for 5 or more days, I definitely recommend visiting here – there are spectacular views and it’s fun to scramble around the ruins but it’s a bit dangerous and I absolutely would not visit if there’s a chance the stone could be wet. Also, it’s a lot of steps and hills so do some stretches before and after!

Then we went all the way to the north of the Bosphorus, where it meets the Black Sea. By scooter, it was about an hour, from Bebek. We stopped to stretch out our butts and drink and eat something.

The Bosphorus.


The Black Sea.

This is another castle/fortress up at the edge of the Black Sea.

Anyway, it was a nice day, and Cengiz hadn’t been to any of those places so it was nice for him to do something new! Thanks for reading and thanks again for checking in – keep those in the east in your thoughts.


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