Antalya and Halloween Party

One of the joys of being your own boss is that you get to take time off whenever you want! And I don’t work weekends! So one weekend last month I went to Antalya, a city in the south of Turkey, along with 3 other girlfriends (heh) – Anna, Sarah, and Sonia. We stayed in a quad in a pension in the old part of town. About 8 minutes from the pension there was a little dock place where we could go swimming in the beautiful water, and go sunbathing, which I did both days (and it was freezing up here in Istanbul! Ha ha!). We found a great place to eat:

View over the side of the railing

Breakfast at the pension

It’s a cute area, but like I said, just a little touristy and people could be a bit annoying sometimes.


It was a great trip and they were wonderful girls to travel with and I hope we can do another trip soon!

We had our second annual Halloween party at my apartment – it wasn’t as crazy/epic as last year (aka less people, glasses breaking, people making out, dancing) but still fun nonetheless.

I think this picture is funny, first, for the obvious, and also if you look in the background everyone’s hands are up. I don’t know what song was playing but it must have been good!

I’m pretty proud of the timing of this one

It was a little messy in the morning.

Sorry to toot my own horn but I made breakfast for all of these people. And yes, all of those people slept at our house! We had a good clean up crew and it was a nice group to share breakfast with.

Next post, Jordan!


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