Jordan – the beginning days

My friend Anna mentioned going to Jordan during the Kurban bayram (also known as Eid, the sacrifice holiday in Islam) a while back – it sounded like a great idea but you know how these ideas get brought up and then swept away (hey! let’s start a band. You know what we should do – we should volunteer in a soup kitchen. I plan on teaching myself a new language. You get the idea) but this idea actually happened! I’ve always been intrigued by Petra ever since my mother bought a book for me about it, and who hasn’t wanted to go there since seeing Indiana Jones? Anyway, on November 5th, my faithful travel companion Anna, her mom and I headed to Jordan!

I don’t really want to go into the history because a) I don’t want to be too wordy and more importantly b) I can’t really remember much so these next few posts will be more visual. Can I just say I’m writing this while there is a pumpkin pie with a homemade “graham” cracker crust in the oven?

Our first day we went to Jerash, about an hour outside of the capital Amman. This ancient Roman site is so famous because it is so well preserved, even though it dates back to the BC time!

Hadrian’s Arch, built to honor the visit of Emperor Hadrian to Jerash in 129-130 AD (thanks Wikipedia!)


Mint tea anyone? We saw some people drinking tea there, and then a few days later we saw them walking around Petra! I knew that would happen.

Chariot races!

Pretty amazing detailing!

After walking around the site all morning, we had to eat something! There’s this GREAT restaurant called Hashem and you HAVE TO go at least once if you go to Amman and it’s incredibly cheap.

Unfortunately I’ve only covered the first day – I’ll try to cover more in the next post, but it will be about the Dead Sea, and we have some pretty funny pictures!


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