The Dead Sea

I have to say, visiting the Dead Sea was one of the highlights of the trip. With a salt content 9 times that of an ocean, even sinkers like me have the ability to float, and when I say float, I mean it. There was so much salt it was difficult to change positions around, I really had to fight the water. I could also just stand in the water and not tread water, and I didn’t sink below my upper chest. It was pretty pretty crazy and definitely worth a stop!

That white stuff? That’s salt. Make sure you don’t have any open wounds, and certainly don’t shave! And whatever you do, DON’T OPEN YOUR MOUTH OR EYES.

I’m just standing and not touching the bottom! Crazy! No hands!

After all of that swimming/thrashing around, we needed to eat something. We went to nearby Madaba which is famous for it’s map mosaic but also for a restaurant which had some pretty delicious food!

Apparently there were some errors in the map (showing biblical sites in the Middle East) but considering it was made in the 500sAD, it’s not so bad! This is only a part of it. Also, some photo credits to Anna – I’m using some of her photos! Thanks!


And dinner.

I’m not trying to gross you out, but just trying to prevent a similar situation from happening to you – all of this falafel and hummus led to some really really really bad, smelly, and frequent gas. Poor Anna and her Mom suffered because there was no way to contain it, I think I would have floated away like a balloon. Just choose your food carefully. Thank goodness we were in an open air museum, not a long bus ride, the next day!



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