Rest of Jordan

Time flies at this time of the year – unbelievable! I would apologize for my break in writing but I bet you’ve been too busy to read! I’m going to try to finish up the rest of the trip, my internet is really slow so I might finish it another day.

Here’s Petra! I’ve always wanted to visit there, and here it is!

Ever seen Indiana Jones?

This is just a part of the Petra experience, but I have to say, the most “awesome”. We also did a uphill hike to the Monastery:

The landscape was incredible there, everywhere I looked I was amazed.

Next we went to Wadi Rum, a desert south of Petra. Again, more amazing landscapes! We slept in a tent there, trying to replicate the Bedouin nomadic lifestyle. I didn’t quite get that feeling but it was a good experience nonetheless.

Anna and I climbed up to there. It was a little scary but also kind of empowering in a way. Good job Anna! You did it!

Sunset time. The electricity went off at the camp at about 7:30 so by 8:30 we were asleep!

Some decided to head back to town by camel…

But some think a car is better. But then they get a flat tire and have to wait in the middle of a desert for another car to pick them up.

Later we went to Aqaba and took a dip in the Red Sea – not nearly as entertaining or warm as the Dead Sea!

Anna and her mom headed onto Cairo (they had a great time – go visit! Once things clear up…) and I took a bus back up to Amman where I stayed one more full day. I spent my day at a place outside of Amman called Salt, famous for its Ottoman architecture. I really loved it there, there were great streets to roam around and houses to look at and a great museum explaining the history of the area, located in an old house. I would make the trip there, it really only takes up about half of your day.

It reminded me a lot of Mardin, a city I visited in the Southeast of Turkey.

Inside the sweet little museum

My final thoughts on Jordan:

A beautiful country and really delicious food, also small so it’s easy to visit several places, but I found being a foreign female there quite difficult and after a while if one more boy talked to me I wanted to punch him in his face. I understand I’m in the Middle East and things aren’t as easy as they are in Turkey, but having 9 year old boys hitting on me (and smoking??) just got tiring after a while. Don’t let it stop you from visit the country, but just be warned. Also, spend minimal time in Amman, maybe even stay in nearby Madaba instead. It was a good trip and refreshing to be in a new place with new sights and smells and I had great travel companions too – thanks Anna and Mrs Gunnel!


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