Pre-Christmas activities

I hope everyone had a great holiday and that the new year has gotten off to a good start. I’m going to do a quick wrap up of the activities I did before going home for Christmas.

One morning my friends Anna and Sarah and I went to a market in Kasimpasa – but at 5am! We wanted to get there before everything got taken. I was surprised we weren’t the only crazy ones there!

I think most of the vendors are from the Black Sea, and the drive down the night before.


I thought this was a box of hedgehogs when I first saw it. As you probably know and I was surprised by, they are mushrooms.

My roommates had a couple of friends from America come out, who (or whom?) they met while they lived in America. This was at Thanksgiving time and they so kindly made a crowd of us a big Thanksgiving dinner.

A couple of Cengiz’s friends that I’ve written about before came and played some music, to make the Thanksgiving dinner into also a Turkish Music Night.

Of course, some dancing.

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving with 2 other lovely American girls and a box of Krispi Kreme donuts?

On December 1st I had my 2nd annual cute Christmas tree decorating party consisting of me, Anna and Cengiz. Anna and I started, and unfortunately we were stuck with the man job of putting the lights on.

Anna did a much better job. I tried to include as much green as possible in this picture to go with her new hairdo!

Sigh. I love Christmas.

Later Cengiz showed up and helped finish with some decorating. He still needs some training (putting two big ornaments on the same branch) but at least he isn’t trying to put cookies on the tree like last year.

I also had a delicious brunch with some friends:

Pretending to fish

In the Spice Bazaar

I wanted to get together with everyone before we all went our separate ways for the holidays, so I had some people over for a dinner. There were a few more people than in the picture but it was nice and intimate, compared to other dinners.

Anna also had some people over to her house, only with a more Swedish focus.

We made these Swedish crafts which are tissue paper wrapped around a toilet paper tube which is stuffed with candy etc, and the paper is crimped and cut and then tied on both ends and you hang it on your (big) tree! It was fun and I made them for my family (pictures to come later).

Everyone hard at work!

Phew! That about sums up the activities here the last couple of months – lots of girl-time (things are still fine with Cengiz, I promise!)! Next, Christmas at HOME!!


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