Snow! and sweaty people

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weather – I’ve heard on the East Coast it’s been milder than the last couple of years. It’s opposite here, the last 3 weeks we’ve had this funny combination of snow/cold/rain on the weekdays and the weekends have been sunny! I’m not complaining, I enjoy it, but it’s strange!

My squinty friends and I braved the snow on one of the first days to go eat in a good restaurant. I wish I got a picture of us in the restaurant, it was so cozy with a fireplace and lots of wood and a high ceiling, perfect for a snowy day!

Just to show you how much snow we got, here’s a picture my friend Sem took when she was borrowing my camera.

She may be over 50 but her energy, enthusiasm and zest are something to envy!

One night when it wasn’t so cold Cengiz and I went out for a walk. I have a pretty cool collection of hats.

About every 3 months, Cengiz has some open houses or shows that show the new choreography that is being launched by the Les Mills program (a program that gyms use worldwide) – I look forward to these shows so much because it’s a chance for me to do the Les Mills classes (my gym doesn’t use that program) and see Cengiz teach! I have a ton of photos but I’ll control myself and  just share a few.

All shapes and sizes do these classes!

Ok I’m sorry I’m so proud I just have to add a couple of more from a different show, where trainers from France came to teach/participate!

This show was pretty funny because it was held on/in (?) an indoor tennis court and this was the first COLD snowy day and it was COLD inside and Cengiz’s head was steaming! Also, there was a city wide power outage, which we didn’t know at the time (I was like, cheapos! Turn on the overhead lights!), which made it pretty hard to see. Thank goodness for the stage lights!

Anyway, that’s about all that’s happening here! I have a few more pictures (no sweaty people this time) next time. Thanks for reading!


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