Expedition to the Asian side, Sem’s birthday

Whoa! 1 month has passed! I have excuses though – I moved my apartment, I went to Trabzon, my computer had a virus and was out of order for over  2 weeks, and I just got internet a couple of days ago (ok, I still could have done it, I don’t like excuses). Needless to say, it’s been a busy month!

Let me start with the apartment. I was so tired of shared living. I’ve always lived with nice, respectful people, but it was just time for me to have my own place. So I talked to Cengiz about it and we started looking and I found a place near where I used to live, just even closer to the metro which we use on a daily basis. It’s been about two weeks and so far so good. I’ll write more about it later and also post pictures – but I just wanted to give you that update!

I also don’t have my Trabzon pictures either, but I will! We did a quick there for the weekend because Cengiz’s/our friend got engaged. It was a nice change of scenery and we ate some good food. As you can imagine, I took pictures, so hopefully I will get those up soon (my goal is not 1 month…).

You probably remember my friend Sarah. She made the decision to end her time in Turkey and go to India to focus on yoga. She, Anna, and I decided to go spend the day together doing whatever she wanted, and she chose to go to the Asian side to get a massage. We took the ferry which is always a pleasure.


This looks like the cover for a TV show or something.


It was a glorious day spent indulging ourselves in massages, good food, good weather, and good company. I don’t spend much time on the Asian side for pleasure, and I could see why so many people choose to live over there. The streets are big and lined with trees, and there’s a lovely seaside with tons of grass, and paths for walking AND biking. It was one of the first nice days of the year and it was packed with families and people exercising, not something I witness so much on the European side. I miss Sarah a lot – her stories from her travels, her insight into our going-ons, her laid-backness and easy-goingness (are these words?) yet devotion and interest to making the world a healthier, less wasteful and more sustainable place – but I know she’s flourishing in India so that makes me feel better, yet I can’t help but be selfish and want her back here! 


Istanbul has a lot of exercise equipment out for the public to use – I don’t know how effective it is and you certainly don’t look too cool doing it but it does get people out and moving, and also leads to cute pictures.

Another important person for me here is Sem. It was her birthday (…a few weeks ago..) and Cengiz and I were included in her intimate family celebration, at her sister’s house.




I had the pleasure of meeting Sem’s gorgeous and well spoken daughter, Dize. She lives in America so this was the first time I got to meet her, though I’ve heard a lot about her and seen many pictures on facebook. You know when sometimes a person gets so built up (either in your head or from the outside) then it’s a let down? Not the case. I don’t want to keep on because it will sound like a secret girl crush but let’s just say her idea of being pen pals (I’m pretty sure I didn’t switch that in my head…) makes me happy as does the idea of seeing her again in June…as she carries the torch for the Olympics…sighImage

I made Sem a collage of photos as not only is she a striking woman but she does so many things I want there to be a memory of them in paper form. I think it went over well, handmade gifts are rare but appreciated these days I think!

The next day I went to Sem’s yoga/pilates/tai chi class. All I can say is that when I’m 50+ I hope I can have her energy, enthusiasm, zest, and physique. Go Sem! Image


Getting her dance on after the class.


Lucky man!

I hope in the next post there will be pictures from Trabzon (hint:snow!) and of the new apartment. Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posting and I hope things will be more regular in the future. Take care! 





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