Hi all! I got around to taking some photos of the apartment today. I’m really happy in this apartment. I love being so close to the metro which both Cengiz and I use on a daily basis, I love the sunlight it gets, and also the sitting area in the kitchen. The shower has good pressure, and we’re renting the apartment furnished so it has all of the machines and furniture we need, which saved us a big headache. The quality and style of the furniture leaves much to be desired, especially the carpets, but beggars can’t be choosers and you learn to overlook these things.

The experience of living with Cengiz has been a good one too. It’s certainly not easy though. He grew up, not just in a traditional male society, but also with 8 older sisters! So he’s clueless with cleaning, cooking, laundry and those things. It’s been a bit tough because I’m not a housewife but these things need to get done. How does one balance these things in a relationship or marriage or co-habitation situation? I work significantly less than he does so it makes sense for me to make up for it at home…we’ll see. It’s just the beginning so we’ll figure things out. Besides those things, it’s been great. We’re just a lot more relaxed and comfortable now that it’s our own space, and it’s fun to have friends over or laugh at his socks which have been on the floor for 3 days or discuss which plants to put where and so forth. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!


When you enter, this is to the right. It’s my office/laundry drying area.


And this is in front of you


It’s kind of a horseshoe shaped house, so if you keep going left this is what you’ll see:


The TV is Cengiz’s little, or big, baby. Luckily it doesn’t consume our lives. I’m going to try to watch kid’s shows to improve my Turkish. Yesterday, I watched “Dinosaurs in the Snow”.

If you continue down the hallway you’ll pass the kitchen off to your left:



It’s more fun when people are in it!


My oven came today. Our landlady is really nice – she got us a new bed and mattress, redid the bathroom ceiling, got a new wardrobe and oven.

If you continue down the hallway you get to the second bedroom:


That’s your bedroom!

And at the end of the hallway, make a left and on the right is our bedroom (I mean, Cengiz’s. I sleep in the bedroom above. heh.)




And the bathroom, at the end of the hall.

For Istanbul standards, it’s a pretty good place. Sunlight, space (there’s a CLOSET! near the door), and location were a selling point. We might be paying for it, but it’s worth it. Come out and visit us!!



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