The pictures of tulips will have to wait, first, pictures of Bulgaria! My faithful travel companion Anna and I did a quick trip there because we had a long weekend and everything in Istanbul was booked up. We thought, why not go see a new place and eat pork and buy parmesan cheese? I don’t regret going but I don’t think it’s a place people need to visit. It was a nice trip though and a fun change of pace and scenery.

We started in Sofia:


Good way to start the day!


We came across a free walking tour (highly recommended if you go to Sofia) and one of the stops was this public spring/fountain. Lots of locals came to fill up:


Considering Anna and I had just stepped off an overnight bus ride, we look a bit more excited and cheerful!


The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, pretty impressive from the outside, unfortunately we didn’t go inside…


Church of St George, built by the Romans in the 4th century (thanks Wikipedia!)

We just stayed the day in Sofia and then we headed to Plovdiv, a 2 hour bus ride away. It’s a more charming place, fun to walk around and sit in cafes and look at people and their…interesting…clothing styles.




We had wonderful weather and we found this wonderful park where we watched a dog show and made daisy chains.




My history is not very good, but Bulgaria and Turkey were all part of the Ottoman Empire which lasted until 1923 (until when “Bulgaria” was in that, I don’t know, but probably pretty close to it) so you could see the similarities with the food and the older architecture in the two countries, but the way the people looked and acted was much more Eastern European influenced. I myself prefer the Turkish warmth and hospitality but only spending 2 days in Bulgaria is not enough to get to know the country.

I really will try to be better about updating my blog, I appreciate those who have been faithfully checking and reading!


One response to “Bulgaria

  • Rachel

    I just found and ate at a Bulgarian restaurant in Seoul (kind of random, I know!). Delicious! Also, if you’re still in Turkey next April, I will be coming through Istanbul around then.

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