Blue Cruise

About a week ago I got back from a 10 day vacation. I had a great time, but it was a lot of sun and high temperatures and I still feel like I’m recovering. The first part of my vacation was a boat trip in the south of Turkey. We started in Fethiye and headed towards the east and finished near Olympos. If you ever visit Turkey, I highly highly recommend doing one of these trips. It was 3 nights/4 days of relaxation, swimming, eating, and sleeping. The water was so beautiful and so inviting because it was so hot.



If you want, you can sleep out on the deck. It was so nice to see the stars and breath fresh air, but the mosquitoes were relentless!


I jumped in the water before breakfast one day and it was just so glorious. I convinced most of the group to join me!


The food our captain prepared was really delicious. I think the produce in the south of Turkey is much better than what we get in Istanbul, and everything really tasted so good. On the left is Anna, a familiar face on this blog, and in the middle is Sonia, another friend in Istanbul. There were 4 other people on the boat, a picture of us will be a bit later.


One night we docked at Kas, a small harbor town on the Mediterranean. I love this place because tourism hasn’t affected the character of the place – it’s got a sweet small town feel with lots of flowers, kind people, and…


Pestemals! Turkish bath towels. Soft, thin, and quick drying – a must for any beach trip and a great towel for humid bathrooms!


I’m so brave! But look at the water!! So nice.


If we weren’t swimming, this is what we were doing.


Also on the boat were an older Australian couple, and a couple from Hong Kong who have mixed backgrounds. We were really lucky because we all got along really well. Our captain was great and he brought his son with him who was fun to play with, and his wife joined us later who also cooked really good food.

Anyway, it was a great trip and again, I really recommend it to anyone who plans to spend more than a week in Turkey! Next post, the 2nd half of the trip.


One response to “Blue Cruise

  • Turklish

    Hi Sally,
    Your post has us super excited to do a Blue Cruise this upcoming summer! We are planning to do one as part of our honeymoon in Turkey. Do you mind sharing what company you used or the name and contact info for the captain? We like the idea of supporting a family business. Please email me at

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