Second part of the holiday

After doing the boat trip, I met Cengiz at a place near Fethiye (still in the south of Turkey) called Patara. I asked a lot of Turkish people about it but most people hadn’t heard of it, and those that had, hadn’t been there. I’ve always wanted to go there because I’ve heard it has one of the longest, and most untouched beaches on the Mediterranean. Unfortunately you can’t stay on/near the beach (actually it’s a good thing because it means they have rules about development on the beach) but the village where you can stay is about 1-2 miles from the beach, and it’s a very sweet and friendly place.


In front of the hotel.


Cengiz dropped his swimsuit from the balcony so the cleaning woman had to get her stick (it didn’t look like this was the first time it had happened) and poke it out of the vines. You can see the hotel owners took time with the garden and decorating.

It’s a pretty dry terrain but there was a lot of gorgeous bougainvilleaImage.



I loved how sandy it was – no mysterious things at the bottom and no wobbling in and out of the water because of all of the rocks. It was wavy which Cengiz didn’t like at first but then he realized it could be fun!

After a day and a half there, we went to Bodrum, Cengiz’s favorite place because he’s gone camping there for with his friend for a few years. This time was different, his friend is now married, another friend came, and I came. It wasn’t an easy experience, being with 4 Turkish people who really don’t speak English, 3 of whom smoke, and…it’s camping. I like the idea of sleeping in fresh air, but I don’t like walking far to the toilet, remembering toilet paper, and not having hot water. 4 days was a good amount of time. But, the campsite was really close to the beach so you could wander back and forth easily, which is nice, especially with the heat.


Not the best picture of us, but you get the idea of the campsite.


Not a bad life.

Bodrum, at least the part we were in, doesn’t really feel Turkish. I saw so many pasty British people, and I ate a British breakfast! This whole beach is lined with bars/clubs/restaurants which enjoy playing very loud music when I’m trying to sleep. The water is pretty, the campsite is convenient, but I couldn’t handle such a place for more than a week I think. But they have foam parties!


It was tough coming back to the real world after being on such a long and nice holiday, I could have continued for a little while longer but it’s good for holidays to end while you are still having fun. Knowing I’m going to America (including Hawaii) in August helps. Also, the next post will be about my trip to Amasra, on the Black Sea, and this weekend I’m going to Trabzon.

My student wanted more reading practice so I gave her my blog address. Esin did you read this? I bet you understood most of it! We’ll talk about it at the next lesson.


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