I’m now in America with my family! It’s great to be here and I’m stuffed with food, but I’ll tell you all about it later. I want to tell you about a few weekends ago when I went to Amasra. Nobody was around that weekend, or if they were, they were busy, so I decided to not sit around and do nothing, but go see a new place! Amasra is a little seaside town on the Black Sea, about 7 hours away from Istanbul. I went there by bus, which is a pretty comfortable way to travel in Turkey, although I think 7 hours is the maximum I can do it for.

I really can’t tell you how nice Amasra is. It was such a nice, peaceful, and sweet escape and I felt so comfortable being there alone. I think part of the reason I had so much fun is because I brought a great book with me (The Likeness, by Tana French. Go read it, and also Into the Woods) so I just sat in various places and read. My hotel was right on the sea so I woke up to a sunrise, and waves lapping. Normally I wake up to horns and construction!

Here’s a view from my hotel from the terrace at breakfast.

Here’s the sunrise in the morning, I guess I was a little sleepy because it’s kind of a crooked photo…

Some scenic pictures – not much to explain, sorry!

There was a sweet little market that sold beautiful looking produce. I couldn’t really buy anything because I didn’t know if it would get squished on the trip back to Istanbul, but I did buy these really cute eggplants:

I got a bag of them for like $1.50.

I wish I could have brought these home with me:

I sat inside a little glassed in porch (it was a little chilly, another refreshing change from Istanbul!) and saw the sunset.

There were so many places to sit and hang out:

Anyway, as you can see by all of the photos I posted, I really liked it there and I really recommend visiting there. You don’t need a lot of time, it’s very small, but it’s just a nice place to go and relax and not have an agenda. If you plan to stay in Istanbul for more than 1 week, or you have been to Istanbul before, I definitely think you should go to Amasra. Feel free to comment or message me if you have questions about it. Next post: Trabzon!

Esin, have you been to Amasra? If so, did you like it? If not, do you want to go? Do the pictures look like any place you have been in Turkey?


2 responses to “Amasra

  • Esin

    Hi Sally, I have been there 5 years ago. Ä°ts small, fresh and wonderful place. You explained it very good. I also like Amasra. You can also find very fresh fish there. And they have special desert which made by yogurt. I recommend that if you go there you should try them. See you

    • sallyfgordon

      Good job Esin! I appreciate you reading and commenting on my blog, and I think it’s good practice too! Here are a few corrections. Don’t feel bad about these, there are very minor. You did a good job, I promise!
      -You can say, *I went there 5 years ago, or *I have been there. Because you used a finished time, you need to use past tense 🙂

      -*It’s a small, fresh, and wonderful place (I know you love “a”). We need “a” because of the noun, “place”. You could say *It’s small, fresh, and wonderful.

      -*You explained it very “well”. “Well” is an adverb and we need to use to it here to describe “explained”. We use good to describe nouns. Ex – It was a good movie.

      -We spell the sweet thing we eat after dinner “dessert”. Desert is the very dry place – this is a common mistake, even made by Americans!

      -Which *is made of/from yogurt. Passive 🙂

      -You should try “it”, because we are talking about one dessert, not plural.

      Esin, I think this is great practice if you read my blog and respond. I don’t write so often so it won’t be so much work, don’t worry! See you in a couple of weeks!

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