I’m alive!

I just want to say thank you to my loyal readers who have been faithfully checking my blog – I really appreciate you hanging in there and I hope I can update more regularly. Let’s think it’s a good thing that I don’t write a lot, I’m busy doing other things! I’m just going to put up some photos from when I was in the US in August, before Cengiz and I went to Hawaii (that will be in another blog post – lots of pretty photos there!).


It’s not a trip to the US without a trip to Michigan!


Family picture, a tradition since we were babies.


View from the back porch.


Playing Kubb in front of the house, while Cengiz is fasting and we are waiting for the iftar dinner, to break the fast.


Cengiz and I went riding with Betsy, who I used to ride with and I boarded my horse at her barn. Cengiz had never ridden before but he loooveeedd it.



I also taught him to row. We can pretend like I’m an awesome teacher, but he just picked up on it really quickly. It was fun to get out on the water again!

ImageWe also went to a sculpt/Zumba class in town – of course, the ladies loved Cengiz! It is a good class, I like the combination of both weight lifting and Zumba.

We did so much more but I would be here forever putting up pictures, so this is just the overview. Again, thanks so much for your patience and I really hope to post more often, I’ve been busy so there’s a lot to put up! Take care everyone! Happy Fall!




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