After 12 years, I finally made it back to Hawaii. I used to go frequently in the summers when I was a child because my grandparents and other family live there, but once I reached high school my summers became filled with other activities. I think it was more beautiful than I remember, and it was fun to share it with Cengiz who also had a great time. I was happy to get to spend quality time with my grandparents as well as some other cousins, and also get some fresh air and sun! I certainly hope it is not another 12 years before I go again!

This is the path from my grandparent’s house to the beach.

I thought we would be really affected by jetlag but only the first morning we woke up at sunrise!

It was fun. And check out my arm muscles!!

The Pali Lookout, known for its wind.

The Lyon Arboretum is beautiful and green but full of mosquitos!


My cousin Jamie was so nice and took Cengiz and I out on his boat both Saturday and Sunday. We had a lot of fun bouncing on the waves, fishing, paddle boarding, tubing – all surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Lucky belonged to our cousin/grandparents and he was a really sweet old dog and we really enjoyed taking him down to the beach, and he really had fun too. Sadly just two days after we left he had to be put down, but I’m glad we gave him some nice last few days, but he will be greatly missed.

I bought a not expensive underwater camera that was a lot of fun; it was also nice to have a backup camera to take to the beach where it could get hot and sandy – something I don’t want to expose my normal camera to. Hanauma Bay was a great place to put it to use with so many fish.

It’s not a visit to Oahu for me if we don’t go up to the pillboxes – small concrete buildings used as a lookout during WWII. You get spectacular views from there.

I’m sorry I put so many pictures up, and I could have put so many more up. It really was a wonderful trip and we still talk about it and miss it. I do feel like I have some connection there because so much of my family is from there and even still live there, and I hope I can continue to make it a part of my life. A big thank you goes out to my grandparents who hosted us for a week without a complaint! It was great to get to know them more now that I am more “grown up” and I know when you have a guest house right on the one of the world’s most beautiful beaches you get a lot of visitors, but we really really appreciated it. Thanks so much!


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