New Home

Recently, Cengiz and I bought an apartment, and I wanted to share some pictures with you. Neither of us have any experience in redoing and decorating an apartment, so I think we did a pretty good job considering!

Some of you might be thinking, hmmm, bought an apartment? Why did she BUY an apartment with her boyfriend in a foreign country? Several reasons. First, we are getting married this summer, and we knew that when we bought the apartment. The question of commitment isn’t really a question. So why buy and not rent? Istanbul is expensive. Maybe it’s cheaper compared to other major cities, but our salaries are also much lower in comparison. We really didn’t want to keep throwing that money away month after month. We know Istanbul will be part of our lives for a long time, so why keep throwing that money away? The apartment is in a great location and so if/when we do need a change from Istanbul, we will easily be able to rent it out or even sell it if we want to.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. It’s still not quite ready (no table to eat at, nothing in the 3rd room besides piles of Stuff etc) but we’re really comfortable and I’m proud of us for doing this together!


We put in the stone wall, lighting system, and those beautiful beautiful floors. Cengiz just bought that rug – not sure how I feel about it!


Yeah, it’s a monster of a couch and it’s AWESOME. I never ever thought I would own a brown leather couch but seriously, it’s so practical and comfortable. People say in the summer it will be hot but we’ll see! The dining table will go behind it, and behind that wall where the AC is, there is a small closed in balcony.


That’s the little kitchen back there, but we did a good job maximizing the space. I can’t wait to get an oven and get back to baking!


Our little balcony. We had a closet put in on the right, which has been so useful for storing random things. Apartment buildings here don’t have attics or basements so it’s hard to hide things like the christmas tree, heater, tools and spare machine parts. So if you come over, don’t look in there, it’s a mess!


This is going to be the office/play room. I think it’s important to have a separate space to go to. Sometimes Cengiz wants to watch a Turkish movie or I want to have a friend over – it will be good we can have a different place to go to, and also a space to store books, my teaching materials etc. Right now though, it’s a place we put stuff that we have no other place for. Attached to that room is this:


We also put this in. Before it was one outside balcony and inside of it one closed in balcony, neither of which was useful because they were small. We had the smaller one bashed in, a room put up and special glass panes that you can push them 90 degrees and they can slide over to the side so you can open the entire span of windows. To the left there’s a door and a bit of completely open balcony, good for smokers and barbecues.


If you come stay with me, this is where you will stay.


Our room. Normally there are beautiful blue curtains up but they are getting washed and hemmed now.


This was Cengiz’s doing. We had talked about doing something more natural, earth tone but when I was in Switzerland this happened. Could be worse!

It’s been a stressful but rewarding ride. Home designed sounded fun until you actually have to make the decisions and put the money now. Deciding on wall color and type of floor were the two hardest decisions I think, but we did well. Hopefully in a few months everything will be ready, even down to the details like wall decorations and plants for the balcony. I’ll keep you updated!


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