You all have probably given up on me – for those that are still checking, thank you!! It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about, I just got lazy. Let me catch you up on pre-wedding activities.

This summer two Turkish girlfriends also got married, so there was a party for the three of us. It was in a fun meyhane in Taksim with lots of mezes (like cold appetizers) and good music, but the night before I had been up with food poisoning so I didn’t eat a thing unfortunately!


There were live musicians who would go from table to table and people would get up and dance. It’s a little awkward for me because a) I’m a terrible dancer b) I have no idea what these songs are and what kind of a dance to do c) Turkish girls can shake and wiggle things I have absolutely no ability to. It’s fun to try, and fun to watch though!

The next night my downstairs neighbor had her henna night. Normally it’s an all girls event that happens the night before her wedding, but all sorts of people were there. The henna is not nicely decorated as you might see in India, but just kind of a splotch in your palm.


She was marrying a guy who has roots in…Yugoslavia? I can’t remember. So she had ordered some special clothes from there and she changed about 3 times. It looked a little hot!


Here are the girls coming out with candles, and they will go circle around her chair and sing songs until she cries. Then they smoosh some henna into their hands. Fun!

My roommate from my senior year (we lived in an apartment with 4 singles) came out to Istanbul with her boyfriend and I went to the Besiktas market with them and Anna. They really liked it and we all bought a bunch of pestamals, or Turkish bath towels.


I have no idea who the guy to the right of me is.

For some reason it’s not putting my photos into the post anymore – I’m going to go ahead and publish this one and try to continue in a new post – sorry!


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