I don’t even know how to describe the wedding. It was such an amazing day, filled with love, laughter, good food and people, and some crazy dancing thanks to Cengiz. A huge thanks goes to my Mom and Dad for making it possible, and for all of their work and organization and participation. It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by all of your favorite people, and to get to marry the person you want to be with forever. Some highlights from the day were (this is just a short list): making the bouquets in the morning with the bridesmaids, and also decorating the arch with them; wearing my birkenstocks with my dress and Cengiz laughing at me later for it; Cengiz trying to repeat the vows my aunt the officiate said (to love and to cherish became to live and chairs); my father’s song and toast; EVERYONE getting up to try the Turkish dancing; seeing Cengiz dance; Smith Island cake; seeing new friendships form among my different groups of friends; seeing so many people pitching in to help – there are so many memories from the day, but I don’t want to bore you any more. 

I’m really going to try to limit how many photos I put up, but we have so many beautiful ones it’s hard to control! But i

f you want to see the full album, please go to this website:  (password Gordon)

The download password is: Turkey
Again, all photos are taken by Sarah Culver – a fabulous, unobtrusive photographer that I highly recommend. 
On the far left is Cengiz’s sister, and his brother and his brother’s wife. 
ImageThis is actually a very rare, decent photo of me. I also want you to see the arch – my dad got some bamboo from our garden and tied it together with Turk’s head knots (very appropriate) and put dried vines on it. The girls and I decorated it with crystals, origami paper cranes, flowers, an evil eye charm, and a couple of Turkish ornaments. 
We got ready upstairs at the Ker Place which was fun, and I got to spy on the guests coming. Image
(Photo taken by Danielle Covatta)
ImageMoments before walking down the aisle. 
ImageIs he happy to see me, or laughing at my shoes?
My Dad singing us a song. I don’t think there was a dry eye. 
ImageMy friend Anna gave a perfect speech!
ImageI just couldn’t keep a straight face in the vows – it was too funny.
ImageWhat a beautiful setting!
ImageWe did it!Image
I can’t stop putting photos up, I’m sorry! 
My mom and meImage
So beautiful! 
So romantic. Sigh. Image
ImageI love the inside of the Ker Place
My dad giving a wonderful serious toast, and a wonderful singing toast. He’s so good at that kind of a thing!
ImageHeath also gave a great toast – now everyone will remember Cengiz’s name!
ImageWe did some Turkish dancing – everyone got up and it was so much fun!
Cengiz doing his thing.
Showing us really how to do it. 
I could have posted about 100 more photos – it really was a perfect night and the photos captured it so well. Thank you so much to everyone for making it so wonderful! Next week, we’re having our Trabzon wedding – wish me luck!!

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