November and Home

So I’ve heard there have been some complaints about my lack of writing in the blog! Sorry! No excuses I’m afraid. I have been busy, but I could have made the time. I’m honored to have so many loyal readers – thank you very much. This will be a bit of a random post, life is like that sometimes!

I think we have America beat with earliest Christmas decorations – Image

I posted this photo on facebook on October 26th!! I love Christmas and being far from America makes me miss it even more, but wow!

Our friends and neighbors, Mehmet and Oya, got married. While they wanted to have a wedding similar to our American wedding – outside, nice decorations etc, it’s just more economically sensible to have a traditional Turkish wedding. 


It’s hard to see in this picture but after Mehmet and Oya entered and were dancing, a headscarfed woman shot confetti out of some contraption from the second floor. It was pretty amusing, and added to tackiness awesomeness of a Turkish wedding.


There can’t be cake without flames!


The lovely couple. I really liked her dress and I was proud of her for not going the poofy route!

Cengiz’s birthday is in the beginning of November and we had a nice breakfast, complete with a menemen “cake”! A unique idea I think.



For those of you who don’t know what menemen is, let’s just say while is doesn’t look very good, it is probably the best breakfast there is out there. Cut up onions and green peppers finely (don’t skip these ingredients, I know it sounds weird for breakfast), then add grated tomatoes. I’ve used canned and jarred tomatoes but nothing is as good as the real thing. At this point I add salt and a little bit of red pepper or paprika. Let it cook for a while, then add in some beaten eggs – it takes a while to get the ratio of tomato goop to eggs but I’d say like 3 eggs or so. Then you mix it well and let it cook until the eggs are done to your liking. We like to add some sausage and cheese but that’s up to you. It can be tasty with a feta cheese as well. Best with warm bread. 


We had a lot of people over for his birthday and Cengiz is demonstrating all of his presents. A very flattering picture. 



Best sofa ever. As you can see there were a lot of people and I feel like I failed as a Turkish wife (ok, I’m still American) – I couldn’t get the tea out fast enough. With that many men plus cake, it gets sucked down faster than you can say tea. I should have had two teapots going – next time I know!




Cengo Gym is ready for clients! This is our glass balcony – it’s a nice space for exercising, isn’t it? 

I had my second annual Thanksgiving dinner and I think it was a hit again. Thankfully it was a potluck and everyone is always so helpful with cleaning up and doing dishes. It’s such a pleasure to have everyone over, and the food really was delicious!



Mmmm brown food. 


This is a real cat, I kid you not. The day after the Thanksgiving feast I saw this cat near my house, enjoying the sun. 

After missing Thanksgiving for about 5 years, I finally got home for it this year. Heath and Veronica also came from Switzerland, and it was great to all be together. It was COLD while I was at home so I spent a lot of time at home, and trying to take selfies with our cat Spanky.




For those of you who don’t know, my family has an epic and awesome Thanksgiving. It’s just my dad’s side, and it can be up to 75 people. We have the food catered, and but the family supplies the dessert – pies. They often tend to be on the chocolately side but that’s how our family likes it. Fortunately everyone is pretty calm when it comes time to serve the pies! It was really wonderful to see everyone, I wish I could come every year. The ideal situation would be to come home just before Thanksgiving, and stay through Christmas! 


Our traditional first cousin picture (minus one unfortunately).

I’ll try to be better about writing, but no promises! Once I sit down and start writing, it’s quite enjoyable. I like reflecting on what I’ve done, but it amazes me you all think it’s interesting. Next up, Spain trip! 


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