More random things

Again, a random collection of what I’ve been up to!

It wouldn’t be spring without a trip to Emirgan park to see the tulips and daffodils:







First, these are the awesome ceramic divider plates Heath and Veronica gave me for Christmas. Who wants food to touch, gross!! I’m better about that actually, but still, I really don’t want my coleslaw to make my cornbread mushy. Second, if you are looking for a new glop that makes a lot, here’s what I do: Onions and green pepper in butter and oil, then some tomatoes and green lentils and some already cooked ground beef, plus some tomato paste and salt, pepper, and cumin, then some water. Sometimes I add dill after it’s cooked. It’s a totally flexible recipe and I love lentils because they are cheap, filling, and healthy. This is also freezable so make a big pot and enjoy!


A typical weekend morning on the Bosphorus.



I don’t know these neighbors, but I guess one of them got married. A bunch of musicians came and people were dancing, waiting for the bride to come out. See all of that water there? That’s from me washing the balcony. Oh well.







Last year my mom and grandmother dyed Easter eggs with natural materials, and they turned out so pretty. This year Anna and I tried it and while they weren’t amazing, it was fun. I felt like we were Russian peasants cooking up cabbage, onion skins, beets and spinach. The colors didn’t turn out as rich as I would have liked – we don’t have white vinegar here so maybe that made a difference?





During the spring, Cengiz was a trainer for the Turkish national Karate team. They went to Finland to compete in the European Championships and they did quite well! This is Cengiz wearing a bunch of the free stuff they gave him, about to head to the airport at 5 in the morning. They are about to start training again, this time to get ready for the world championships which are in October.



This cat cracks me up, it has like half a mustache. It really wasn’t happy about me taking it’s picture, it just wanted food.


There’s a really cute restaurant near my old apartment that I really wanted to take my Mom to when she came to visit. I think it’s run by women and it’s in this little spot with a loft and cute, homey decorations and the food is very fresh and homemade. This plate of food was 12 lira, or about 6 dollars. I hope next time Mom comes out I can take her there, it’s such a pleasant place to eat and I like to support them.




I’m just proud of this cake because it looks like a grown-up cake and it tasted pretty good. It’s a vanilla cake with a lemon cream frosting. Perfect with tea!


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