Random things (as usual)

In my defense of lack of posts, I have been traveling! So that means lots of blog posts coming up! I’m trying to start putting my computer at a table instead of throwing it on the sofa, which I think will be more conducive to getting work done. I actually don’t waste that much time on the computer, but I’m not very proactive about doing things that would be beneficial for me, like writing in the blog or creating my own exercises for my students. It looks like this year will be another busy one, so I need to be better about allocating time for myself while at home to get work done. It’s hard! Any suggestions? 

20140503_161919   20140503_163458

Our good friend Yeda got married in May, and I got to be her witness! I was really scared I wouldn’t understand the questions that were asked and everyone would laugh at me (oh isn’t she cute! ha ha!) but I did okay. I actually only had to say my name, and then “yes”. This is a typical style wedding in a “salon” – at the time you reserved, everyone shuffles into a big room with a stage, and then the bride and groom and witnesses come out. The officiant asks a couple of questions and then they are married! Then everyone shuffles out and lines up and drops gold or cash into a bag and gets their photo taken with the couple, and then you can buy the photo. I have to say, it’s incredibly impersonal but that’s the way it is done here, and perhaps we should take a lesson from them with their lack of extravagance. I’m so thankful for my wonderful, personalized wedding though!!  

20140510_215803 20140510_231925

It wouldn’t be spring time without a Eurovision party! Last year Denmark won so my friend from Denmark made some delicious cookies. There’s talk of going to Austria next year to see Eurovision live…I’m wiggling with excitement just with the thought! 


Funny cat


I went to the airport to pick up my family and when I was leaving the metro, headed upstairs, I saw a vending machine with books! Amazing!







So yes, my wonderful family came out to Istanbul! At first it was just going to be my grandfather and grandmother, then Mom decided to come along so she could see them, then Dad’s schedule let him fly out for 2 days (!!), and at the last minute my uncle and aunt also came out! Here we are at Tarihi Sultanahmet Koftecisi – definitely my go-to place in Sultanahmet. 





Family selfie in the Blue Mosque!!


Not the most flattering of photos…Mom messed up the picture…again. I certainly didn’t help though!





Drinking tea in a han, an old building used when traders stopped in Istanbul. It was a safe place to sleep, store your goods, and keep your animals. 




A lovely spot for dinner. 





On our Istanbul Eats tour, and I love how we unintentionally wore different colors of the rainbow, and sat in the right order. 




Dad wearing a Trabzonspor baseball hat, which he bought in Trabzon last year. 

20140525_112700 20140525_112930 20140525_113143 20140525_113156 20140525_113518 20140525_114351


Slowly, people started to leave until it was just Mom, and she came and stayed with us. I wasn’t a great tour guide – we spent a lot of time sitting on the sofa watching tennis, but I think we were both just fine with that! Being a tourist is tiring! We went to one of our favorite spots, the Inebolu pazar in Kasimpasa. The vendors are from somewhere along the Black Sea, and the drive most of Saturday night to get here in time for the market on early Sunday morning. It’s a small market, but with great stuff and so many photo opportunities. A professional would really be able to get some good shots. 

I’m really in need of a nap before I head out to some lessons so forgive me for any poorly written sentences! I have a lot to post so hopefully I’ll do it soon. Thanks for checking in!


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