Back in June, my family met up in Switzerland. Not just Mom and Dad, but also my aunt and uncle and one of their sons. It was so much fun to be altogether, and Switzerland is always a nice change from the chaos of Istanbul. Heath and Veronica were wonderful hosts, and their cat Jenny was very patient with a house full of people!20140626_204351

Eating raclette at Heath and Veronica’s apartment.


This was my dinner, but it could very well be breakfast! I can’t even remember what it is, but I think it’s shredded and fried potato with cheese and egg and some sort of meat – ham or bacon. Amazing!!

20140628_100748 20140628_104414



Jenny all snuggled up in a comforter .


One activity to do in Bern is float down the river. It was COLD but it was fun. The currents are strong but it’s not dangerous. I felt like a real Swiss person for doing this!

So we spent about 3 days in Bern, and then we went about an hour away to a small town called Lungern. It was absolutely beautiful, and so sweet and charming. The house we stayed at was right on the lake, and we were near the train station so we could go explore other parts of the country.

J20140630_162748 20140630_164259 20140701_081355 20140701_082920 20140701_165509

It really reminded me of Trabzon!

One of our day trips was to this huge open-air museum where there were historic houses, that instead of being demolished, were moved to this location. They were grouped by region and there were houses from many centuries ago. It was one of the best “museums” I’ve ever been to and I would love to go again. It got a little cool and rainy by the end of it so we kind of rushed it. One of the highlights was getting to play with some goats. As you can see, one of them really liked Mom, and Veronica’s zipper!

20140702_134906 20140702_134920

Notice the soggy trousers in the 2nd picture (with goat spit).


We got some Kubb playing in, which was fun of course, especially with that view!

20140703_123654 20140703_140835 20140703_150205

One day we went for a hike – it was 2 hours uphill but if you go slow and steady, it’s doable. Once you get half way, you can take a little train the rest of the way. When we were finished hiking and waiting for the train, I saw some people running (yes, running) this trail, and they did it the whole way! Oh well. As you can see, the top had marvelous views.


Yay Gordon family tradition!


Heath has been learning to play the accordion and we sang songs that we normally sing at The Sing up in Michigan. He was awesome! I have no idea how anyone can play that mystery of an instrument.


Veronica and I (she’s looking a little dead behind me…) having a float in the lake. Cold but beautiful! I had to throw my floaty in to force myself to jump in.

I got incredibly cheap tickets to go to Switzerland again at Thanksgiving. It will be great to see Heath and Veronica and Jenny, and also get my fill of pork products! This was a great vacation and I’m so lucky my family can all meet up like this. Besides getting angry at Heath for his really smelly shoes and eating the last of some delicious food, we all get along so well – not something every family has. I’m very fortunate!


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