I just g

ot back from America, but for Christmas, so it is a little funny to be writing about my trip there in the summer. In the summer, both Cengiz and I went and that was his fourth time

. I think every time it gets a little easier for him, which also means it’s easier for me. We spent the first part of the trip in Virginia Beach where ALL of my mom’s siblings came together. It was great to see everyone, especially my aunt all the way from Washington state. The weather wasn’t perfect but we had some Kubb time and some sitting on the beach time.



Cengiz and I on the boardwalk. In all my years of going to Virginia Beach, I had never really gone to the boardwalk but every year with Cengiz I go. He likes the liveliness of it, which he needs after living in Istanbul for so many years.


I don’t know if he actually got any waves but he looks good!


In Virginia Beach there are many gyms with Les Mills, the program Cengiz is a part of. I also enjoy the classes so we found a gym and got a free weekly pass and went there 3 or 4 times. Of course Cengiz made friends and people were impressed with his skills.


Cengiz looking like a hipster in his kind of short shorts, Patagonia raincoat, and coffee from some independent coffee shop with a bunch of vegan cakes.

20140802_183641 20140802_202400

My friend Auni and her husband came down from Baltimore and I met them in Norfolk at 80/20, a great burger place. I had quite the burger – it was the kind that once you pick it up, you aren’t putting it down. We also went to Doumars, an ice cream place that has been around since the early 1900s. It was great to see them and I was supposed to go visit them in Baltimore, but I ended up cutting that part of the trip in order to stay at home longer.

20140803_135147 20140803_135205



Trying to get a selfie with Spanky.

20140804_124117 20140804_131855 20140804_135741

Cengiz and I went horseback riding two years ago and he hasn’t stopped talking about it. Last year I didn’t manage to organize it because I was occupied with the wedding, but this year we went again. I don’t think he stopped smiling, and we had a lot of fun grooming and playing with the horses before and after. It’s also so peaceful to ride in the woods and along the creek with them.


Dad had my rowing shell repainted and renamed (“Fuzzy”, and the “u” is with a paw print [my cat and the rowing teams sort of mascot was my black and white cat Fuzzy]) so I took her out for a spin. I’ve really lost my technique, not that I had so much, especially in the single!


Captain Cengiz. Uncle Croxton was patient and kind and let Cengiz drive the boat while he was taking us out for a boat ride down at their place. It was a beautiful day for a boat ride.


My annual Five Guys burger, conveniently located at the terminal where our flight always leaves from. Is there a more appropriate way to leave America?

As always, it was a great trip! This time was extra special because I got to see so many people, and I feel like we had a good ratio of relaxing time to “doing stuff”. It’s always good to be home and see my family!


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