I can’t believe you are even reading this now, and that you haven’t given up on me! To be honest, I’ve had so many other things on my mind, I didn’t even think about writing in my blog. I have a lot of stressful lessons now, so all of my creative energy is going towards that. If/when I have free time, I’d rather do something else. Not that I don’t like writing and talking about myself, but it just wasn’t a priority. So dear readers, thank you for following me this far!

As a treat, I have cute bunny photos!!!! When I was in Switzerland in the summer, I saw some bunnies and it made me think they would be a nice pet to have. Cengiz and I talked about it for a while but I changed my mind because I do travel often, and if we were to leave Turkey, what would happen to them? But a few months passed and the urge came back (and to answer your questions, either Cengiz or a little girl who lives 2 floors above us watches them if I’m not here, and I’m sure we can find someone to take them if (IF!) we were to leave) so, I have a couple of bunnies! They are pretty amusing but quite destructive, and they don’t really like to be held and they never stay still enough to sit on my lap. They are best friends though and they never fight, and they seem to be pretty happy with their life with me. The white one is Peter (like Peter Rabbit, ha ha!) and the other is Tarcin (a “ch” sound) which means “cinnamon” in Turkish.

20141013_085715 20141013_215547 20141014_095136

20141014_203804 20141015_131352 20141103_192232 20141115_221334 20141122_221406 20141206_213754 20141220_001850

They enjoy eating cardboard (especially at 3am), not being brushed and shedding everywhere, and pooping, A LOT. They are pretty good about using their litterbox though, and I didn’t even have to train them. I think when they get a little older they’ll calm down and enjoy being groomed and picked up, but for now, there are rugs to be munched on and curtains to explore so no time for that! Sorry to load so many pictures but they are just so cute, I have to brag.


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